Table tennis women

- Table tennis center has been opened in Amna Al-Mahmoud sport center in 2001.
- Table tennis women national team has been formed in Al-Wagba Sport center in 2002.

Registered players (Table tennis women national team)
















Achievements of Table Tennis Women National Team
1- the 5th GCC Sport tournament for girls and women – Al-Sharja ,UAE 2-6/2/2002 (1st place individual – 3rd Place teams)
2- 1st GCC Clubs tournament for women and ladies – Abu Dhabi, UAE 7-11/3/2003 (3rd Place)
3- 7th GCC Sport tournament for girls and women – Al-Sharja, UAE 10-17/2/2005 (3rd Place teams) (Noora Alebri obtained the most valuable player)
4- 8th GCC Sport tournament for ladies Al-Sharja ,UAE 10-15/2/2007 (2nd place teams U-15, 3rd place teams U-15, Maha Abdulredha obtained the most valuable player)
5- U-14 table tennis tournament for the school sports - Bahrain 22-25/2/2007 (1st and 3rd place individual, 1st place teams)
6- 4th Tables tennis solidarity Cup competitions for ladies – Kuwait 17-20/3/2007 (5th place teams)
7- 3rd GCC table tennis tournament for ladies – Kuwait 11-13/7/2007 (3rd place teams)
8- 1st GCC women sport tournament – Kuwait 5-11/3/2008 (2nd place individual, 3rd place teams)

Table Tennis activities 2009/2010
1- Arab Cup tournament – Egypt 23-30/7/2009
2- 4th GCC Table Tennis tournament for ladies – Doha Dec. 2009
3- International Juniors tournament – Bahrain 1-8/2/2010
4- International Juniors tournament – Doha 10-14/2/2010
Arab Clubs tournament - Morocco

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