The first strategic Objective:
Use and develop of sports facilities through:

1. Improve ways of using the available sports facilities.
2. Build integrated facilities for the woman committee, which should cope with the nature of woman’s activities and the requirements of the next phase and criteria of the international Olympic competitions

The second strategic Objective:
Improve the level of woman involvement in sport in general.

The third strategic Objective:
Build and develop the Qatari woman national abilities in the different
fields of sports through:

1. Developing a program for discovering the talents of youngsters in all types of sports, “we are the ascendants”.
2. Execution of “we are the Coaches” program in order to build the national abilities in the filed of sports training.

The fourth strategic Objective:
Development of the administrative and organizational structure of the committee:

1. Administrative and organizational restructure of the committee
2. Development of the electronic system for the management of the committee.

The fifth strategic Objective:
Building and development of the human resources:

1. Leading and guiding the technical and administrative
support team towards achieving the expected targets.
2. Development of the skills of the administrative support team of the committee.
3. Increasing the number of the employees of the technical and administrative teams.


The first strategic Objective:
Enhancing the relationship with the partners and sponsors. This should be done through the increase of the number of partners and sponsors financing the activities/ championship QWSC to the average of 2-5 annually according to the committee annual activity plan.

The second strategic Objective:
Improve the level of the participation of women with special needs in the general sport activities.


The first strategic Objective:
Partnership with international and local sports federation:
1. Strengthen the cooperative connections with the different sports federations affiliated to the Qatar Olympic Committee and the other federation in the State.
2. Strengthen the cooperative connections with he women sports federations or women committees affiliated to it, locally and internationally.

The second strategic Objective:
Marketing and Public Relations:
1. Introducing the QWSC to the Qatari community, especially girls and women.
2. Organizing more local activities.
3. Hosting events and international and regional championships.
4. Enhancing the participation of girls and women in the
activities and events of the QWSC.

Women's Handball
كرة اليد للسيدات
Table Tennis for Women
كرة الطاولة للسيدات
Woman's swimwear
السباحة للسيدات
Women's Volleyball
كرة الطائرة للسيدات
Women's basketball
كرة السلة للسيدات
Women's football
كرة القدم للسيدات

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