To achive Qatar women committee general objectives, a proposal of it’s Responsibilities has been laid out as follows:
-Setting up an annual plane for it’s programs and activities.
-Managing the committee’s affairs and specifying it’s technical and financial affairs.
-Managing and organizing championships, congresses, Meetings, training courses and major studies which Could develop the technical and administrative level For women sport in Qatar
-preparing the general plans which aims to increase the women sport awareness.
-managing and organizing national women sport competitions.
-preparing the annual administrative reports about the committee achievements.
-Studying g the subjects which are submitted by Qatar Olympic Committee and provide suggestions and recommendation about it.

Women's Handball
كرة اليد للسيدات
Table Tennis for Women
كرة الطاولة للسيدات
Woman's swimwear
السباحة للسيدات
Women's Volleyball
كرة الطائرة للسيدات
Women's basketball
كرة السلة للسيدات
Women's football
كرة القدم للسيدات

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