Qatar women sport committee started as a volunteering supplementary committee for general honesty of the higher council for family’s affairs, and it was decelerated by the decision No (3) 2000 which was taken by Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Misnad, the president of the council.

Qatar women sport committee joint Qatar National Olympic Committee with the support of higher council for family’s affairs to be legal organization on 18, March, 2001, decision No. (112) which was taken by H.H. Heir Apparent Shaikh Tameem Bin Hamad Al Thani, the president
of Qatar Olympic Committee. And it was named as (Qatar Women Sport Committee).
Qatar women sport committee works to promoting the women sport and to develop it’s level by emphasizing on the following objectives:
• Supporting women sport in Qatar and promote the participation of women in sport activities.
• Creating sport awareness about the importance of sport activities and it’s effects on productivity and development.
• Prompting the Qatari women’s participation in seminars, studies and sport congresses at all levels.
• To develop the technical and the administrative levels of women’s activities in Qatar according to the plan of Qatar Olympic Committee.
• To find communication channels with the national and international sport organizations to develop national women sport activities.
• To exchange information and experiences, also to support the cooperative ways with the organizations which are interested in developing women sport.
• To help the sport organizations which are concern of women sport affairs in Qatar to acquire it’s mission and to remove all obstacles in front of these organizations.

Women's Handball
كرة اليد للسيدات
Table Tennis for Women
كرة الطاولة للسيدات
Woman's swimwear
السباحة للسيدات
Women's Volleyball
كرة الطائرة للسيدات
Women's basketball
كرة السلة للسيدات
Women's football
كرة القدم للسيدات

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