Preparations continue for the 1st West Asian Championship
Date : 15-09-2016

The arrival of the participating teams in the 1st West Asia Championship for Women handball has begun with the arrival of the Jordanian team and the Iraqi team yesterday while the UAE team arrives to Doha today

In an interview with the President of the Jordan Handball Federation  - Dr. Sari Hamdan, he stressed the importance of participating in the 1st West  Asian Championship by the Jordanian National  female Handball team, as such participation is part of the long term build up for the Jordanian team of young players whose skills in the game will be tested in this championship as part of the development plan of the team for future participations after a prolonged absence from Arab events in the sport itself.

On the other hand, the Organizing Committee is continuing intensive preparations for the opening day of the tournament, where the meetings are held constantly to complete all necessary preparations for success of the event.  

The Technical Meeting today in Holiday Villa

Taking place at six o'clock this evening at Holiday Villa Hotel, the meeting will discuss a number of topics listed on the agenda such as the match & training schedule, rules and regulations of the championship with discussions and exchange of views by representatives of participating team delegations, where at the end of this meeting a final list of teams will be published officially. 

Inspection Visits by Director of the Tournament 

Mr. Hamad Al Nuaimi, as director of the tournament made inspection visits to all establishments linked to the event, making sure there is no obstacles or problems prior to the championship in accommodations and technical meeting settings and other needs for the success of the event.  


Medical Committee  

The Medical Committee covering the 1stWest Asian championship is keen to provide excellent medical service  with special equipment to cover all training periods and matches with presence of Qatar Red Crescent medical support team for assistance as stated by Dr. Monia head of the medical committee during the Tournament. 

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