Mother Day

Mother is cornerstone, she is the hope and the beating heart of every house. She is the joy of the feast, and the joy of life.

In the global anniversary corresponding tHe March 21 , the Qatar Women Sports Committee present on this occasion honored members of the administrative and technical staff, and players and employees of the Qatar Women Sports Committee.


The honoring was at the camp of Anata al-Adam in Siline on Wednesday 20 March 2019


Most of the female players are mothers who have been able to match motherhood and love to play sports. Among those names are handball player Aya Sulaiman and Amal Mohammed Awad, a basketball player.

“Mother is love, tenderness and sacrifice, rivers that are inexhaustible and do not dry and do not tire, always flowing with endless affection.  For its children so we have to honor today’s female mothers, in an affirmation that marriage and motherhood do not adversely affect the exercise of sport ”

Basketball player Amal Mohammed, who gave birth to her baby, said: “Motherhood” did not affect her performance positively, but she managed to maintain her fitness and continue with the team and won the titles.

She confirmed Ms. /Haitham’s mother , handball player AIX, which is also honored as one of the biggest supporters of the exercise of her sport and is present in most of their matches Tmarenadtha and encourage and carry with them to watch her grandson and her mother.

She added handball player , Aya that :motherhood did not prevent it from continuing success with the team and they are still capable of giving and wishes her son to be a player in team handball or any sport she loves.


This honor is just a moral symbol that brings together all the mothers of the Qatar Women’s Sports Committee every year and the Qatari mother with a thousand good and healthy mother